Legal Affairs (Division I)


The Legal Affairs Division is responsible for matters relating to the legal framework that governs all aspects of university affairs, as well as for the conduct of negotiations and the provision of legal advice in this context. The Division advises and supports the organizational units of the University and its staff in all issues concerning the legal dimension of university affairs and in all other situations in which a legal opinion or decision is required.

The areas covered by the Division encompass the legal provisions governing corporate organizations (Organisations- und Gremienrecht), and related elements of public and civil law (including contract and liability law, copyright and patent law, budgetary and corporate law, tax law and data protection law), as well as the regulations governing entry qualifications and admission to university, registration, university examinations and other legal stipulations that apply to students. In addition, the Division handles all legal issues relating to the acquisition of sponsored research projects (Drittmittelvetragsrecht), professorial appointments, the occupational rights and duties of faculty members, and the introduction, modification and termination of study programs.


  • Dr. Rolf Gemmeke (Head of Division)
  • Ludwig Hardwig (Deputy Head of Division)


For more information, see the Service Portal (password protected)

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  • Official publications (Amtliche Veröffentlichungen) and the contact details for the University's Data Protection Officer are available on the LMU website (in German).
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