Safety, Health and Sustainability


The Safety, Health and Sustainability Unit (SGN) supports the LMU's facilities and employees in all matters relating to occupational health and safety.

SGN provides the university's authorized representatives for the specialist areas of occupational safety, biological safety, fire protection, hazardous goods transport, radiation protection and animal welfare. We are happy to answer questions from representatives of the faculties.

Operational environmental protection and sustainability are also part of the unit. For example, we organize central waste disposal and LMU's participation in the City of Munich's Ökoprofit project.

From 01.01.2024, a new health management team will be set up in SGN. As part of this, the Psychological Counseling Service, which was previously part of the LMU's medical service, has been assigned to the SGN staff unit.


  • Andreas Karner (Head of Unit)
  • Gisela Niemeier (Deputy Head of Unit)


For more information, see the Service Portal (password protected)

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Detailed descriptions of our services, information and advice for LMU employees with contact persons can be found in the Service Portal.

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