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#EXCELLerate. LMU postdoctoral career program

Our training program #EXCELLerate offers postdocs information and exchange opportunities on a wide range of career topics - from career planning and funding opportunities to work-life balance.

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LMU offers researchers excellent conditions to develop their careers.

Right after a doctorate, graduates often have very fundamental questions: Which career path fits best? How can I become a professor? Which funding schemes are a good fit, and how do I write a competitive proposal? How can I explore and create career options in business and society? And how can I maintain a healthy work-life balance?

#EXCELLerate is a joint training programme of all LMU units that support postdoctoral researchers in their professional development.

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#EXCELLerate and focus!

We have some detailed topics in our program for 2024: How do review processes work? How do I apply for a professorship? What career options are there for me outside the academic job market? Find out more about our offers!

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#EXCELLerate your skills!

From funding application to career issues and work-life balance - find out more about our extensive range of events!

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#EXCELLerate your career options!

Our research career services offer you professional support in defining and achieving your career goals.

Individual career advice for postdocs (restricted access)

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