Qualification and personal development for the tenure track phase

Our comprehensive qualification program enables you to continuously improve in the competence fields “subject knowledge and methodology”, “didactics, communication and cooperation”, “leadership and management”, as well as “self-competence and career planning”. Boost your career potential!


DateTimeEvent titleHost
16 July 202410 a.m.Herausfordernde Führungssituationen (in German)Center for Leadership and People Management
22 July 20249 a.m.PROFiL Basisseminar (in German)PROFiL
25 July 202412 p.m.Responsible Research 2024Graduate Center


DateTimeEvent titleHost
9 September 20249 a.m.LMU & MPG Open Science Summer School 2024LMU Open Science Center
18 September 20249 a.m.Basisqualifizierung zu Beratung und eLehre (in German)PROFiL
23 September 20249 a.m.Basisqualifizierung zu Beratung und eLehre (in German)PROFiL
30 September 20249 a.m.PrüfenPlus-Qualifizierung (in German)PROFiL
30 September 20242 p.m.Didaktik to go (in German)PROFiL


DateTimeEvent titleHost
7 October 20249 a.m.PROFiL Basisseminar (in German)PROFiL
9 October 20249 a.m.Inklusion als Thema in der eigenen Lehre meistern! (in German)PROFiL
16 October 202410 a.m.Schwierigen Situationen souverän begegnen (in German)PROFiL


DateTimeEvent titleHost
6 November 20249 a.m.ChatGPT & Co. - Fluch oder Segen (in German)PROFiL
8 November 20249 a.m.Sketchnotes: Visuelle Notizen für die Lehre (in German)PROFiL
18 November 2024tbaTenure track forumResearch Strategy
19 November 20249 a.m.Feedback in der Lehre (in German)PROFiL

Subject-specific opportunities for further qualification can be found on the websites of our faculties, research projects, and doctoral programs.

Note for international junior academics: Please be aware that some of our events are currently only available in German. We are constantly updating and improving what we have on offer. Please do feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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