Diversity Initiative 2023

Under the motto "Together@LMU", we will bring the LMU community together in numerous events during the summer semester 2023.

Fostering a sense of belonging within the LMU community

LMU is committed to creating an environment where all university members feel welcome. An inclusive community where everyone is respected and valued promotes collaboration, the development of one's potential and a more productive working and learning environment.

With this year's Diversity Initiative 2023, LMU would like to bring the entire LMU community together, encourage a change of perspective through numerous events and provide space for the different life paths of LMU members.

We look forward to your participation in our events and to your contribution to an appreciative and respectful university environment !

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The focus of the diversity initiative is on events that encourage a change of perspective and bring members of the LMU community together. You can find the registration links and programme overview under the individual headings.

Several people outside on the Geschwister-Scholl-Platz with fountain in the background

Strengthening the Sense of Belonging

Charta der Vielfalt

German Diversity Day 2023

For the eights time, LMU makes its commitment to diversity visible by participating in the German Diversity Day of the "Charter of Diversity".

Experience the Diversity of LMU

Learn more about different perspectives and communities through numerous events.


LMU Diversity Management

Equality and diversity work requires university-wide cooperation and is carried out by numerous central and decentralized institutions and service units at LMU. LMU Diversity Management supports and accompanies the implementation of the university's diversity strategy.

Angelika Brunner

LMU Diversity Management

Diversity Management Coordinator, Diversity Events

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+49 89 2180-3089

Jill Jaspers

LMU Diversity Management

Diversity Management Coordinator, LMUMentoring Diversity Consulting

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+49 89 2180-5068

Alejandra Riedmiller

LMU Diversity Management

Diversity Management Coordinator, Germany Scholarship Program Coordinator

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+49 89 2180-1263

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