Diversity Management

LMU Munich is committed to ensuring gender equality and inclusion in the pursuit of equal opportunities for everyone. We're convinced that anyone belonging to our LMU community should be valued and respected for their unique qualities. The Diversity Management lays out and guides this process.

To uphold diversity, LMU systematically strives to achieve its guiding principle: that everyone may enjoy equal opportunities—no matter who they are or where they come from. Students, researchers, staff and scientific community members—ultimately, everyone—are afforded the means to develop their potential and excel. This, we champion, by creating a culture around us that promotes sensitivity to gender and diversity matters, is competent in its approach and unwavering in its pursuit of justice. Diversity is vital for excellence in research and teaching. That’s why the University is committed to a culture in which diversity is acknowledged and appreciated.

Central Diversity Mangement

The Central Diversity Mangement serves as a centralized function to support a wide range of activities promoting diversity. The team reports directly to the University’s Executive Board and develops concepts that promote equal opportunities and contribute to the development of the potential of all university members. As the central interface, the Central Diversity Mangement has an overview of the University's activities regarding many aspects of diversity. The work focuses on the fields of gender equality, family friendliness and other aspects of diversity such as physical and psychological conditions, as well as social and cultural origin.

Alejandra Riedmiller

Diversity Management

Diversity Management Coordinator, Germany Scholarship Program Coordinator

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Jill Jaspers

Diversity Management

Diversity Management Coordinator, Germany Scholarship Program Coordinator

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Diversity Day

For LMU, recognizing and appreciating the importance of diversity is close to our heart. That's why, every year, we jump at the chance to showcase our culture of diversity at Diversity Day—an annual day of initiatives and events celebrated nationwide.

Diversity Month 2021

Awards and memberships

The University is committed to a culture in which diversity is acknowledged and appreciated, and in 2011 endorsed the "Charter of Diversity" which was drafted on the initiative of a coalition of leading German business firms and the Federal Government. Since 2016, we've been an official participant in Germany's Diversity Day.

In the interest of inclusion, the University strives to establish equal opportunities at all hierarchical levels and across all organizational divisions. LMU actively and sustainably facilitates such efforts through a comprehensive program of Diversity Management. In recognition of these ongoing efforts, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs and the Federal Ministry for Education and Research awarded the “Total E-Quality Award” to LMU in 2019 for the fourth time in a row. To create an environment that promotes diversity, all barriers must be identified and removed. And everyone's needs should be met by offering a suitable framework.

LMU was honored by the Bavarian State Government for its commitment to being a barrier-free university. The signet "Bayern barrierefrei - Wir sind dabei" (Bavaria barrier-free. We are there) stands for tangible and meaningful contributions to the removal of barriers and the promotion of participation in social life. It is intended on the one hand as recognition and on the other as an incentive for the University to do even more for accessibility.

Bayern Barrierefrei

Since 2015, the LMU has been a member of the corporate program Erfolgsfaktor Familie (Sucess Factor Family), a German-language platform started by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth for reconciling family and career.

Since the conception of the German Excellence Initiative—a national and federal initiative to promote top-level university research—LMU Munich has received funding across all development areas. For the first time in 2019, the Excellence Strategy provided a permanent funding opportunity. This allows LMU Munich to build on its own successful strategy—developed over two previous funding periods—and strengthen its position as an internationally leading university through its long-term program "LMUexcellent: A New Perspective." As part of this program, our guiding principles concerning gender equality and inclusion have been built into our governance process. And inform the recruitment policies outlined in the strategy program.

The German Excellence Initiative and Excellence Strategy

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