Under the motto "Diversity4Research@LMU", various events highlighting the relevance of gender and diversity aspects in research will bring the LMU community together during the summer semester of 2022.

For more diversity in science

Numerous examples from research practice illustrate the relevance of gender and diversity aspects in research. As an example, new insights regarding the diagnosis and therapy of myocardial infarction have been gained by taking the gender dimension into consideration. AI research also shows that a diversity-sensitive approach is necessary to consciously perceive and detect bias and gaps in data sets and systems.

LMU sees great innovation potential in gender and diversity sensitive research designs and approaches.This allows research to respond in a differentiated way to the needs of a diverse society and supports change processes.

The series of events under the motto "Diversity4Research: Sensitive.Innovative.Excellent" intends to highlight the importance of a multidisciplinary and diversity-sensitive approach to research questions, designs and practices for excellent science and innovation and is aimed at students and employees of the university as well as the interested public.

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Diversity is our Creative Advantage

Interactive events bring the initiative to life and connect the LMU-community.

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To the events

The focus of the Diversity Initiative 2022 is on events that demonstrate the importance of a diversity-sensitive approach to research designs and practices, consider gender and diversity as research subject, and introduce diverse teams collaborating in research. A detailed program overview and registration links to the events can be accessed in the following sections.

Integrating gender and diversity analysis into research and innovation for excellence in science.

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Incorporating gender analysis into research contributes to better quality of science. Explicitly considering the different needs of women and men, girls and boys, and gender-diverse people will not only improve the quality of new knowledge, but also increase the social relevance of new products and services.

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For more Diversity in Science

Charta der Vielfalt

German Diversity Day 2022

For the seventh time, LMU makes its commitment to diversity visible by participating in the German Diversity Day of the "Charter of Diversity".

Experience the Diversity of LMU

Learn about diversity aspects of research in more than 30 diverse events.


LMU Diversity Management

Equality and diversity work requires university-wide cooperation and is carried out by numerous central and decentralized institutions and service units at LMU. LMU Diversity Management supports and accompanies the implementation of the university's strategic equality measures.

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