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We support you at LMU Munich in your search for a suitable position, regardless of whether you are planning to work in an academic or non-academic sector. We can assist you in identifying potential employers, provide existing contacts, initiate new contacts, and offer support at all stages of the application process.

To best assist you, we always aim to contact you personally in order to learn more about your professional background and current aspirations. Following on from this, we will locate potential employers in the region.

We will assist you as much as we possibly can in identifying suitable career opportunities, even if positions cannot be guaranteed. Please feel free to contact us, we are here to help you.

Please find below a list of websites where you could start looking for a new position.

External researchers and young academics who intend to carry out or participate in projects at LMU are supported by the Unit for Research Funding.

Services for researchers

The Unit for Research Funding informs and offers you a consultation on the goals and the review criteria of each program as well as the suitability of your project.

Please contact the Unit of Research Funding:

Team National Research Funding Programs

Dr. Barbara Riesche
(Team Lead)
+4989 2180-72287

Team International Research Funding Programs

Dr. Lisanne Sauerwald
(Team Lead)
Social Sciences and Humanities
+49 89 2180-72285

Many aspects play a role in successful career planning: from suitable project funding and relevant opportunities for further professional development to the challenge of balancing family and academic life. The Academic Careers portal provides junior academics with an overview of LMU's attractive range of support services and the opportunities they offer.

LMU researchers can find detailed description of our services including contact persons and relevant forms on Service Portal (access-protected).

As an LMU employee you can log in with your LMU user ID. In case of questions regarding your LMU user ID please contact the IT Service Desk.

Further information on Service Portal

Job portals of large companies in and around Munich

Bavaria is one of Europe's strongest regions economically, enjoying an international reputation for its high-tech innovation and quality service with Munich at its center. Bavaria's economic strength is particularly founded upon having a healthy mixture of multinationals and small to medium-sized companies in highly productive and fast growing market sectors.

Please find below a selection of companies in and near Munich.

Information for teachers

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München is a member of the Dual Career Netzwerk Deutschland (DCND).

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