German language and culture

Whether newly arrived in Germany and overwhelmed by the exotic sounds and impressions or looking for deeper insights into German culture and language – we offer intercultural workshops, German survival courses for beginners or, for advanced learners, our monthly German conversation club.

German Survival Course

This course is offered in cooperation with the International University Club Munich. It is for you if you have little to no German language skills and if you would like to get an introduction to living in Munich. It is also a great opportunity to get to know other international doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers from LMU.

This course takes place at the beginning of each semester in October and April. Depending on the situation, the course can take place either online or in person.

The following topics will be covered during a total of 10 hours on 3 different dates:

  • German language basics
  • Daily life in Germany
  • Finding your way around Munich

German Conversation Club

Do you want to practice German in an informal atmosphere with colleagues from the international LMU Gateway community?

Once a month, we meet online for a 45-minute coffee break and talk about everyday topics in German to encourage your general conversational skills. In order to participate in and benefit from the conversation, we recommend German language skills at B1/B2 level.

Some of the topics discussed so far:

  • German sayings and expressions
  • Sustainability in everyday life in Munich
  • Travel destinations in Bavaria
  • Mobility in Munich

LMU Gateway's Newsletter

LMU Gateway publishes its own exclusive newsletter for new international academic staff, sent out on a quarterly basis.

Alongside news on our events, interviews with LMU researchers and their partners, introductions to Bavarian culture, as well as tips on life in Munich for the whole family, you will have the chance to expand your German vocabulary with our short German summaries.

These are the categories of our newsletter:

  • LMU Gateway News & Events
  • Portrait of a visiting fellow or a Dual Career couple
  • Inside Bavaria
  • Culinary Specialties
  • Living in Munich
  • Family Corner

Intercultural workshop

Do you sometimes feel that differences and misunderstandings get in the way of being able to effectively communicate with others? Are you interested in intercultural communication but somehow get into situations where you do not comprehend the behavior and communication style of the Germans?

Then join one of our intercultural workshops for international researchers and their partners. Increasing your awareness of German culture and gaining a deeper insight into cultural patterns might be the key to a successful stay in Germany.

These are some of the topics discussed during our workshop:

  • Culture shock and cultural standards in Germany
  • Communication, relationship building, leadership behavior
  • Best practices

Registration details

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Once you are registered, you will receive a personalized invitation as well as the link to subscribe to our newsletter.

For more information please feel free to contact the LMU Gateway team via email.

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