Mobility of teaching and administrative staff

How do others go about it? If you would like to broaden your horizons, LMU can help you to find out! A language course in Galway, a five-day teaching assignment in Paris, laying the groundwork for an international collaboration? Everything is possible, thanks to Erasmus+ and LMUexchange.

Mobility for teaching purposes

By enhancing the international mobility of university teachers, LMU strengthens both its own profile and that of the receiving institution. Participating lecturers have the chance to obtain international experience, extend their professional networks, and engage in intensive discussions that open up new perspectives. In addition, the program provides students at the partner institution, who might not have the chance to study abroad, to experience novel approaches to university teaching.

  • Guest lectureships at partner institutions in Europe with which LMU has concluded an Erasmus Agreement.
  • Stays at selected non-European partner universities (supported by the program Erasmus+ partnering countries).
  • In the context of its own LMUexchange program, LMU provides funding for stays at its non-European partners universities.

  • Guest lectures
  • Teaching a course in the context of a regular study program that is already on the partner university's curriculum
  • Teaching a compact, multiday course with ECTS
  • Teaching a repeated, short intensive course (entails several visits to the partner institution)
  • Colloquia for doctoral students

  • Individuals with a contractual relationship to LMU (e.g. professors, academic staff members, part-time lecturers, retired professors).
  • PhD candidates who are employed by LMU.

LMU employees can access the relevant information, tips for applicants, and contacts via LMU's password-protected Service Portal (in German).

Mobility and professional development

The Erasmus+ Programme includes measures that enable LMU to offer its staff opportunities for further education and training abroad. These measures contribute to the internationalization of LMU, but more importantly, they strengthen its international profile and the professional skills of our staff.

  • Stays for educational and training purposes at partner universities in Europe
  • Stays for educational and training purposes at partner universities outside Europe
  • Work assignments with firms based in Europe

  • Participation in courses at partner universities
  • Visits to international career fairs
  • Language courses (Europe only)
  • Other training measures by arrangement

The Erasmus+ Programme is open to all employees of LMU, to established researchers as well as doctoral candidates with an employment contract at LMU, and is intended to contribute to their professional development.

LMU employees can access the relevant information, tips for applicants, and contacts via the password-protected Service Portal (in German).

The staff of LMU's International Office provides advice and support for those directly involved in international exchange schemes for students and university teachers. If you wish to pay an initial visit to your prospective partner institution to become acquainted with local conditions, or for further consultations, a limited amount of funding is available for this purpose.

Further information on conditions and application procedures is available to employees via the password-protected Service Portal (in German).

Funded by the European Union

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