04 Oct

53rd Conference of German Historians: The Historical Quartet

Opening hours / Beginning:

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

4 October 2021


Salvatorplatz 1 München

For the past five years, the “Historical Quartet” (with Ute Daniel, Martin Schulze Wessel and Andreas Wirsching as regular members) has been a successful series held in Munich’s Literaturhaus. Its primary purpose is to discuss and evaluate new books on historical topics in the light of current research. As a prelude to the Conference of German Historians (Deutscher Historikertag) in Munich, the resident players are joined by international guests – Christopher Clark (Cambridge) and Moshe Zimmermann (Jerusalem) – and the quartet becomes a quintet.

The discussion will take place live in the Literaturhaus München, and will also be available via livestream. Tickets for the live event can be obtained from the organizer's (Literaturhaus München) event page, together with information on streaming and on the topics to be discussed. Please note that tickets providing access to the Historians’ Conference itself are not valid for this event.

This series is a cooperative venture between the Literaturhaus München and the Institute of Contemporary History München – Berlin, the Collegium Carolinum München – Prag and LMU Munich.

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