31 Jul

Career Services: Problem solving – integration consulting

Opening hours / Beginning:

3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

31 July 2023


Hansa Haus Munich (Läugerzimmer) Brienner Straße 39 80333 München

Got a problem and don’t know where to start?

Clients constantly confront management consultants with business problems that they cannot resolve without outside assistance. No two problems are alike, of course, and some are more complex than others. Still, certain resolution methods can be applied irrespective of the situation and the nature of the problem, be it private or professional.

The aim of this four-hour interactive workshop is to show participants how issue trees can be used to solve problems and facilitate communication. A case study on food system transformation will be tackled in groups, who will then present their solutions.

Whether you are writing your thesis, deciding whether to accept a job offer or dealing with case-study interviews, you will find all kinds of applications for this method!

Target group: Students of business management, economics and industrial engineering

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