30 Nov

CAS: Knowledge creation in museums

Opening hours / Beginning:

6:30 pm

30 November 2021



Museums are often considered as instruments of dissemination of knowledge created elsewhere, but museums have a deep history as institutions of knowledge creation behind the scenes of their public exhibitions. How is the definition of museum-based research shifting in the 21st century? How can museums facilitate knowledge creation with and by the public? How can exhibitions become experiments? How is collection-based research changing in the face of movements to decolonize museums? How can museum-based research assist in tackling “wicked problems”, from climate change to the biodiversity crash? This interdisciplinary panel will explore the future of knowledge creation in museums.

The pandel discussion is part of the CAS research focus Materiality – Museology – Knowledge.


  • Prof. Ken Arnold, Director of the Medical Museion in Copenhagen and Professor at Copenhagen University
  • Prof. Dr. Tahani Nadim, Junior Professor of Socio-Cultural Anthropology at the Department for European Ethnology at HU Berlin and at the Museum for Natural History Berlin
  • Prof. Johannes Vogel, Director General at the Museum for Natural History Berlin and Professor of Biodiversity and Public Science at HU Berlin


  • Prof. Dr. Michael John Gorman, Chair of Life Sciences in Society at LMU and Founding Director of BlOTOPIA - Naturkundemuseum Bayern

The event will be streamed in English. Prior registration by email is required. For further information, see the CAS website.

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