17 Jun
18 Jun

CAS: What Can Art Do? What May Art Do?

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17 June 2021 - 18 June 2021

The Center for Advanced Studies at LMU provides a forum for scientific exchange and discussion that bridges the divide between the established disciplines. Its activities are designed to promote all forms of collaborative research and to stimulate interdisciplinary communication within the University. In addition, it facilitates the integration of visiting scholars and scientists into the academic life of the University.

Art has always acknowledged – and provoked ­– society. However, this perspective appears to have changed in recent years. Society’s demands on art and its acceptability are being more stridently enunciated, and they now develop without reference to the conventional legal position on artistic freedoms. Art no longer challenges society. On the contrary, society challenges art. Does this mean that the constitutional guarantee of artistic freedom has reached its limits, or has the concept itself failed to adapt to changes in society? These questions will be discussed on the basis of a wide variety of representative examples – and with particular regard to identity politics, prohibitions on ‘appropriation’, breaches of taboos, rights of participation, and the public sphere.

A Workshop led by Prof. Dr. Jens Kersten and Prof. Dr. Dr. Antoinette Maget Dominicé (LMU).

The event will be conducted in German. For further information, see the CAS website.

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