29 Jul

Communicating planetary health

Opening hours / Beginning:

2:45 pm - 7:15 pm

29 July 2021

Science communication between research, practice, and social movements

Science communication is currently facing the challenge of explaining the complex links between climate change and human health and pointing out options for action. Global challenges such as pandemics or climate change are proving that the mere dissemination of information is not adequate to respond to issues where scientific research, societal changes, individual choices, and political actions are tightly entangled.

Тhe Munich Science Communication Lab (MSCL), located at the LMU Munich, is taking on this challenge in the field of planetary health. The MSCL is based on a partnership between science communication academics, practitioners, and subject-matter researchers. The symposium follows an interdisciplinary co-design approach in which the partners from the three fields will discuss and critically revise existing models of science communication, build new ones, and translate them into practical public experiments with a diversity of audiences.

The symposium is moderated by Professor Christof Mauch (Director of the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society) and will be held via Zoom.

To attend, please register here.

For a detailed program of the symposium, visit the MSCL website.

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