20 Oct
21 Oct

Dis:connectivity in processes of globalisation

Opening hours / Beginning:

20 October 2022 - 21 October 2022


IBZ Amalienstr. 38 80799 München

Dis:connectivity in processes of globalisation: theories, methodologies, explorations

This first annual conference of the newly founded global dis:connect research centre at the LMU aims to rethink our understanding of globalisation processes past and present. Global connectivity, which seemed unassailable just 15 years ago, is increasingly in turmoil. The disruption is both ideational, with the rise of anti-globalism and chauvinist nationalism as influential political currents, as well as material, as evidenced in protectionist curbs on global trade, the increasing prevalence of border walls and global supply chains floundering due to pandemic and war. Talk of de-globalisation has become ubiquitous.

This conference takes the current moment to ask whether we might not need a more sophisticated understanding of globalisation, both historical and contemporary. The participants will present new theories, methodologies and case studies to ground a new approach to globalisation research — an approach that we denote as dis:connectivity — that notes how globalisation processes have always been characterised by a dynamic and co-constitutive relationship of connection and disconnection. Friction, absence, interruptions and detours are as integral to globalisation as are entanglement, exchange and connection.

From a variety of different disciplines and perspectives of the humanities, we aim to refine and expand our understanding of globalisation processes. We believe the humanities as well as the arts can provide privileged heuristic access to the effects of globalisation processes beyond structures and ‘objective’ data, capturing the fluidity and transience of dis:connective phenomena. The conference will bring scholars of history, art history and theatre studies into conversation with practicing artists.

The event is open to everyone, but seating is limited, so attendees are required to pre-register.

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