16 May

Diversity4Research: Audiencing and empathy

Opening hours / Beginning:

6:30 pm

16 May 2022



Under the motto Diversity4Research@LMU, various events highlighting the relevance of gender and diversity aspects in research will bring the LMU community together during the summer semester of 2022.

Audiencing and empathy

Panel discussion with Prof. Matthew Reason, Ph.D., Kirsty Sedgman, Ph.D. and Prof. Dr. Ulf Otto (LMU)

Empathy has played a pivotal role in theatre since the 18th century. Owing to empathy, theatre evolved into an educational institution capable of establishing a new and liberal social order. In (literary) theory and the words of Schiller, it promised to unite “people of all circles, zones, and ranks” into “one single family”. With the theatrical day-to-day turning out to be much more complex, the question how audiences relate to performances is an intriguing topic. It inspires research and theatre practice.


  • Dr. Kirsty Sedgman, University of Bristol
  • Prof. Matthew Reason, York St John University
  • Prof. Dr. Ulf Otto, LMU Munich

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