23 May

Diversity4Research: Diversity in the Nile Valley

Opening hours / Beginning:

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

23 May 2022



Under the motto Diversity4Research@LMU, various events highlighting the relevance of gender and diversity aspects in research will bring the LMU community together during the summer semester of 2022.

The event on 23 May will focus on cultural diversity in the Nile Valley (Sudan and Egypt), past and present. It will include three short presentations followed by an interactive discussion. It will begin with an overview of the aims and methods of the ERC project DiverseNile and describe the diversity-sensitive approach of this archaeological project in modern Sudan.

The second part of the event will demonstrate how postcolonial approaches to the past help us include actors traditionally excluded from historical narratives about ancient Egypt and Nubia, and discuss the benefits of including such actors in narratives about a more diverse and interesting past.

The third part of the session will present case studies from modern pop culture that relate to past Nile cultures. The goal is to show how the study of the reception of ancient Egypt can reveal colonial structures and thus foster a more diverse, cross-cultural research community.


  • Prof. Dr. Julia Budka
  • Patrizia Heindl
  • Rennan Lemos

This event will be held online via Zoom and in English. Online you will find more information about the Diversity Initiative.

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