01 Jun

Diversity4Research: Impact-oriented entrepreneurship and diversity

Opening hours / Beginning:

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

1 June 2022


Lecture Hall C006 Luisenstraße 37 80333 München

Under the motto Diversity4Research@LMU, various events highlighting the relevance of gender and diversity aspects in research will bring the LMU community together during the summer semester of 2022.

The LMU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center introduces a new concept for impact-oriented entrepreneurship research and education across all disciplines and degree programs at LMU.

Building on a translational science framework, the goal is to raise awareness of the economic, environmental and social impact of entrepreneurial activities (in the broadest sense) and to promote the application of holistic value principles within related academic activities. Diversity (incorporating a broad range of perspectives) is a fundamental concept for enabling impact-oriented entrepreneurial activities and formats in a research-oriented university setting.In this practice workshop, we explore how the concepts of diversity and impact intersect across disciplines to draw conclusions for IEC activities and formats at LMU.

The workshop recruits professors, graduate students, and undergraduates from across LMU's faculties to explore what diversity means, how it is used, and to critically evaluate LMU's new IEC program. The format and process of the workshop is based on a participatory research design.


  • Prof. Dr. Jelena Spanjol, Chair LMU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, Head of Institute for Innovation Management at LMU.
  • Dr. Julia Wimmer

Registration is required. Online you will find more information about the Diversity Initiative.

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