16 Mar

E-Conference Series: Accessibility, Usability & Inclusion

Opening hours / Beginning:

1:00 pm

16 March 2021

Universities are spaces of great diversity, including ethnic, gender, linguistic, and physical aspects. In addition to this, there are students who have specific needs, motivated by specific physical, psychological and/or sensory characteristics.

Equal access to spaces, services and information is important to ensure an inclusive, accessible and fair environment for all, that can enhance autonomy, independence and a sense of empowerment.
The size of spaces, physical obstacles or architectural barriers, and lack of understanding to which problems of access to information are added, are a challenge with which those, responsible for these structures, have to deal with. For this reason, it is important to address some of the problems that we have identified in these spaces at this conference.

By involving specialists, students and lecturers in a common dialogue, through presentations, testimonials and interviews, we can increase understanding of the ones affected and their challenges.

Students and staff from the European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) universities, an alliance of five universities from all over Europe focusing on solving global health problems, have the opportunity to participate in this e-conference.

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