12 Feb

EUGLOH: Creative Meetings across Cultures

Opening hours / Beginning:

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

12 February 2022



Creative Meetings across Cultures is a series of four workshops that aims to share techniques from the arts in an online environment.

The Unknown and Uncertain are all around, affecting professional futures, lifestyle choices, our environment—the list is endless. Creative techniques can help to take advantage of this opportunity to transform “fight-freeze-flight” reactions into meaningful experiences. With the arts, one can learn to appreciate the questions that are present everywhere and the joy of creation in response to them. This allows to maintain:

  • motivation and focus
  • resilience and well-being
  • creativity and agility
  • interaction and communication

About the workshop:

The workshop series develops a sense of purpose and meaning through personal growth and connecting with others - even online! Through its innovative way of working in digital environments, participants learn to:

  • stay physically present, feeling alive and energised online
  • build trust and create meaningful connections while interacting via screen
  • connect the physical environment with the digital space
  • Integrate techniques of well-being into your online time

About the sessions:

The workshop incorporate techniques, exercises, attitudes and philosophical questions from theatre, writing, movement, singing, drawing and visual arts. It offers a carefully curated journey, connecting and exchanging with others from different cultures, using everyday English, in a fun, exciting and innovative way.

The sessions offer a series of four 3-hour online workshops that each move through several artistic techniques. Trust-building is an important part of the process, enabling those who were unknown to each other to connect and emerge enriched from the experience. Personal contributions to the group connection will be encouraged. Participants should commit to at least two sessions.

The sessions will take place on:

  • 12 February 2022 10 a.m. to 13 p.m.
  • 19 February 2022 10 a.m. to 13 p.m.
  • 12 March 2022 10 a.m. to 13 p.m.
  • 19 March 2022 10 a.m. to 13 p.m.

Host: Université Paris-Saclay with the University of Porto
Registration deadline: 10 February 2022

Please find further information about the event and registration on the EUGLOH website.

The European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) is a strategic partnership between Université Paris-Saclay, University of Lund, Universidade do Porto, University of Szeged and LMU Munich under the European Higher Education Initiative of the European Commission.

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