05 Oct
14 Oct

EUGLOH: Entrepreneurial skills and self-audit pitching training

Opening hours / Beginning:

5 October 2022 - 14 October 2022



MaPLaS+S entrepreneurial skills and self-audit pitching training

Objectives and background

The main objective of this training is to contribute to the stable and orderly legal relations of businesses by highlighting the issues that entrepreneurs need to pay attention to.

To become an entrepreneur, a good idea is essential but not enough. To succeed, an entrepreneur needs to know how to organise a business around that idea, how to make decisions and solve problems, how to negotiate, how to comply with legal requirements and last but not least, how to present that idea to investors.

About the training

In connection with these, this training aims to contribute to the general understanding of entrepreneurship by introducing students to the economic and legal requirements of operating and developing a business, and by developing problem solving and soft skills needed for a successful entrepreneur.

To reach the target, this training is divided into 4 modules. In the first four modules, students will study about specific, business-related issues from different approaches. They will get insight into the basics, purpose, and essence of Management, Problem-solving, Law and Soft skills in an online form. In the first 4 modules, students will enrich not only with (ex cathedra) theoretical but also with practical knowledge.

In the last day, ’future entrepreneurs’ can try themselves by demonstrating what they’ve learnt in a self-audit pitching competition.

Language: English

Host: University of Szeged

Registration deadline: 18 Sep 2022 23:59

This event will be held in English. Please find further information on the EUGLOH website.

The European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) brings together five universities from across Europe. Together they form a “European University” to develop interdisciplinary projects in the field of Global Health.

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