06 Dec
10 Dec

EUGLOH: Tumor immunology and Immunotherapy of cancer

Opening hours / Beginning:

6 December 2021 - 10 December 2021



Over the last decade, immunotherapy became a standard of care for the clinical management of cancer patients across various malignancies. There is now a strong rationale for oncologists and young scientists to become acquainted to deep and comprehensive immunology, at the cross roads with oncogenesis and microbiology.

Mechanisms of action as to how the immune system impacts clinical responses and interacts with intestinal biology will be detailed. Preclinical in vitro and in vivo methods including high dimensional immunology will be explained.


  • Faculty of Medicine Paris-Saclay


  • Open (Deadline: 15 Nov 2021)

Please find further information about the event and registration on the EUGLOH website.

The European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) brings together five universities from across Europe. Together they form a “European University” to develop interdisciplinary projects in the field of Global Health.

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