15 Jul
15 Aug

Exhibition: Avantgarden

Opening hours / Beginning:

15 July 2022 - 15 August 2022


Botanical Garden Winter Hall Menzinger Straße 65 80638 München

Artist Evalie Wagner’s “Avantgarden” installation in the Winter Hall in Munich’s Botanical Garden builds a bridge between ecology and art. Avantgardening is the term the Austrian designer and artist uses to describe her interventions in and with nature. From 15 July to 15 August, Wagner will showcase a very special installation: Selected plant matter from the Botanical Garden itself will be displayed on fabric panels.

The exhibition will open at 4 p.m. on 15 July with a word of welcome from Professor Gudrun Kadereit, Director of the Botanical Garden, and Dr. Franziska Stöhr, Curator of Kunsthalle Munich.

About the artist Born in 1983, Evalie Wagner studied at the Linz University of Art and Design and lives and works in Waizenkirchen, Upper Austria. Numerous prizes and scholarships have been awarded for her work.

Evalie Wagner´s art in the Botanical Garden Munich

Evalie Wagner’s artwork in the Winter Hall of the Botanical Garden

© Maximilian Haidacher

For more information, please visit the Botanical Garden website.

LMU maintains close links with the Botanical Garden München-Nymphenburg and the Botanische Staatssammlung München (State Botanical Collection in Munich). Our collaboration dates back to ca. 1820 and was initiated by the naturalist Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius, the first Professor of Botany at LMU. Von Martius also headed the two above-named institutions. Today, Professor Gudrun Kadereit is Director of the Botanical Collection and Head of the Botanical Garden. She also holds the Chair of Systematics, Biodiversity and the Evolution of Plants.

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