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Exhibition: IN TRANSIT

Opening hours / Beginning:

1 July 2022 - 16 July 2022


Catholic Students’ Association (KHG) Leopoldstr. 11 80802 München

The IN TRANSIT exhibition presents works by the nine 2022 graduates of the bachelor’s degree course in art education at LMU. From 1-16 July 2022, the students will showcase their individual works of art on the premises of the Catholic Students’ Association (KHG).

IN TRANSIT describes the condition of being on the move, be it purposeful or aimless, consciously striving to advance or wistfully looking back. The saying panta rei seems appropriate here, exuding an innately joyful melancholy, or perhaps a melancholy joy: It speaks of the unstoppable, irretrievable march of time. Origins, traditions, social conventions, even one’s own self-image: Everything is called into question. Curiosity, a mood of freshness and optimism, the need to understand, to bring change reverberate through the works on display.

In IN TRANSIT, the students concern themselves with aspects relating to whence (origin), where (condition) and where to (consequences): through evocative acoustic recollections (Katrin Röding); through personal experience and observation of control and coincidence in work processes (Alina Friedrich); through reflections on the birth of one’s first child (Christina Penninger), on exploring materials in handicrafts (Jasmin Goy), on succumbing to overwhelming feelings (Johanna Obermeier); through self-reflection on cultural perception (Celina Müller); through neutral appreciation of the human body (Rebecca Aigner); and through the convergence of digital image cultures and traditional arts and crafts (Andrea Karl).

A variety of media, technologies and materials are used in the individual works, giving the exhibition a broad spectrum of expressive possibilities that reflect the diversity of contemporary artistic activity. For this year’s exhibition, three different concepts were developed for school classes, people with experience as refugees and individuals studying as senior citizens. Drawing on their own approaches to art, the students pick up on the themes of cultures of remembrance, encounters and worlds of ideas, interpreting these themes in didactic forms.

The exhibition is subject to current statutory hygiene regulations. For more information, please visit the website of the Institute of Art Education.

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