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28 Mar

Five Continents Museum: Anti-Racism Week

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17 March 2021 - 28 March 2021

The Five Continents Museum is presenting a series of online events to mark International Anti-Racism Week.

The program begins with a feature on Nowruz ("New Day"). Nowruz marks the Persian New Year and the beginning of Spring, and is observed from 20. March in many countries in Western and Central Asia. The celebrations continue for two weeks, and include various rituals, and lots of music and dance to welcome Spring's victory over Winter. The festival of Nowruz was incorporated into UNESCO list of the world's Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009. The Museum, in collaboration with six cultural associtations, all of which form part of the network MORGEN e.V., has produced a series of online events on the festival on 17.-21. March 2021.

In the context of International Anti-Racism Week, on 20. March 2021, Dr. Anka Krämer de Huerta (Assistant Lecturer at LMU's Institute of Ethnology) will offer a virtual guided tour of the contemporary lifeworlds of indigenous peoples after 529 years of colonialism.

On 28. March 2021, Dr. Stefan Eisenhofer (Five Continents Museum, Assistant Lecturer at the Institute for the History of Art) will lead a virtual tour of the exhibition entitled "Africa: On the Reception of African Goods in the Global North".

The program will highlight many other issues, and ends with a Panel Discussion. For further information, please consult the Program Summary. The events will be introduced and moderated by Dr. Anahita Mittertrainer, and streamed on the Museum's YouTube page. All events can be viewed free of charge.

Further information on these events and how to register for them is availabe on the Museum's website. For further information on the International Anti-Racism Weeks, see the Foundation's website.

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