23 Jan

FocusLMU: "Understanding artificial intelligence: Opportunities, limits and dangers"

Opening hours / Beginning:

7:00 pm

23 January 2024


Great Aula & live stream Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1 80539 München


Only a few years ago, artificial intelligence, or AI for short, was still a nebulous term vaguely denoting the complex of new digital possibilities and machine learning. It has now found its way into everyday language – and, in the form of concrete applications, is increasingly shaping professional, private and sociocultural life environments.

How these applications will change our lives, what opportunities and possibilities but also dangers they harbor: These are the questions that will be addressed by Professor Björn Ommer, Chair of AI for Computer Vision and Digital Humanities, in this FocusLMU lecture series. In his talk, Professor Ommer will explore areas of application for artificial intelligence and outline the associated societal transformations.

The impact that artificial intelligence is already having particularly in the field of journalism and what this means for democratic discourse will be discussed by LMU communication expert Dr. Maximilian Eder, a research associate involved in Responsible AI for Local Journalism, a project sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation.

Professor Jelena Spanjol, Head of the Institute for Innovation Management at LMU, will talk about insights into the importance of artificial intelligence for future markets.

The debate will be moderated by Professor Oliver Jahraus, Vice President for Teaching and Studies at LMU.

To follow the event via live stream, please sign up on Zoom. More information about this event and the lecture series is available under FocusLMU: A window to academia.

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