27 Oct

Green Visions: Unser Boden, unser Erbe

Opening hours / Beginning:

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

27 October 2021


Einstein 28, Bildungszentrum der MVHS Einsteinstraße 28 München

© W-film / Tisda Media

Film screening and discussion

Do you actually know what happens underneath your feet? The thin humus layer of soil supplies every human around the world with food, clean drinking water, and clean air. And it can save the climate. Healthy soils are the biggest storage of greenhouse gasses after oceans and contribute considerably to the decrease of CO2. Yet, in order to generate ten centimeters of fertile soil, our planet needs more than 2,000 years. And still, we are using our soils as if they were inexhaustible. Thereby, our food source is endangered – by us humans! What does that mean for the future? How do agriculture and society have to change so that we can pass on a living world with living soils for generations to come?

A discussion with Annette Freibauer (Institut für Ökologischen Landbau, Bodenkultur und Ressourcenschutz) will follow the screening.

The original version of the film will be shown with German subtitles. The discussion will be held in German. It is free and open to the public. For further information and registration, please visit the website of the Rachel Carson Center.

The Rachel Carson Center hosts the “Green Visions” film series in cooperation with the Deutsches Museum and the Münchner Volkshochschule.

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