11 Dec

Learning of Target-Context Associations

Opening hours / Beginning:

12:15 pm

11 December 2023


Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) Seestraße 13 80802 München

Speaker: Dr. Siyi Chen (CAS Researcher in Residence/Psychology, LMU)

Respondent: Prof. Dr. Simone Schütz-Bosbach (Psychology, LMU)

Active and predictive perception is considered essential for adaptive behavior in complex and dynamic environments and is thus at the forefront of current scientific theorizing in Cognitive Neuroscience. Siyi Chen uses (variations of) the classical ‘contextual-cueing’ paradigm as a testbed to systematically examine the basic sources of uncertainty in context learning and thus to delineate the two mechanisms – contextual guidance vs. context suppression – and their interplay by means of an integrative approach combining behavioral (psychophysics, eye-tracking) with neuroscientific methods (EEG and fMRI).

Siyi Chen is CAS researcher in residence during the winter semester 2023/24.

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