08 Apr
09 Apr

[L]imitation - boundaries of mimesis

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8 April 2021 - 9 April 2021

The International Doctoral Program on "MIMESIS" at LMU pursues innovative lines of research in literature and the arts, with a particular focus on the development of historical, theoretical and transdisciplinary perspectives.

The teasing title (L)imitation itself poses the question of the potential boundaries of mimesis. Are such limits pre- determined or constructed? Or might it be the case that boundaries serve as the fundamental impulse for mimesis? The aim of this final session is to explore the limits of mimesis as a key aesthetic, sociocultural and anthropological concept - from an interdisciplinary standpoint. (L)imitation also presents an opportunity for a retrospective view of our engagement with the aesthetic, sociocultural, historic and political aspects of mimesis, and a preview of possible extensions of our investigations during the course of "MIMESIS".

Elisabeth Bronfen (UZH Zürich) will give a lecture on the topic of "Westworld's Shakespearean Hauntings"

Nidesh Lawtoo (KU Leuven) will speak on "HOM Theory: Mimetic Patho(-)Logies in the Age of COVID-19"

Riccardo Nicolosi (LMU München) will give a talk on "Literature and Experiment: Zola and Dostoevsky"

Monika Wagner (UHH Hamburg) will present her thoughts on the topic of "Shine and Transparency: Notions of Dematerialising Materials"

All those interested in the topic are invited to take part in the online conference.

The Zoom conference will be presented in English.

For details of registration and further information on this event see the: Mimesis Website.

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