18 Jan

LMU Innovation Incubator Demo Day

Opening hours / Beginning:

5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

18 January 2024


BLITZ Club Museumsinsel 1 80538 München

The LMU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center and the LMU Innovation Incubator host the 4th Edition of their Innovation Incubator Demo Day.

The LMU IEC Innovation Incubation Program aims to enhance the entrepreneurial skills of their participants, who come from diverse academic backgrounds with a strong foundation in science, and to assist them in pursuing their business ideas.

The event will feature six pitches, complemented by insightful keynotes from esteemed speakers. This occasion offers a unique platform to engage with emerging startup teams, foster connections with industry peers and cultivate meaningful collaborations.

For more information and ticket sales, please visit the LMU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center website.

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