30 Mar

Lyrik Kabinett: Award-winning young poetry

Opening hours / Beginning:

7:00 pm

30 March 2023


Lyrik Kabinett Amalienstraße 83a (Rückgebäude) 80799 München

The Leonce and Lena Prize and the two Wolfgang Weyrauch Advancement Prizes are the foremost awards for young poets up to the age of 35 in German-speaking Europe. Out of several hundred submissions, a preliminary jury puts together a short list of finalists who then demonstrate their skills at a public reading in Darmstadt. The jury – this year comprising Ulrike Draesner, Peter Geist, Cornelia Jentzsch and Jan Koneffke – discusses the readings in a debate moderated by Beate Tröger and then chooses the winners. As part of a cooperative venture that already spans 15 years, the latter are invited to read their works at the Lyrik Kabinett. We are keeping our fingers crossed for all participants in 2023 and are curious to see who we will have the privilege of welcoming to Munich!

Ahead of the event, the names will be published at the website of the Lyrik Kabinett.

Moderation: Christian Döring

In collaboration with Literarischer März Darmstadt

Tickets: 8 euros/6 euros (discount rate). Lyrik Kabinett members receive free admission. For more information, please visit the Lyrik Kabinett website. The event will be held in German.

LMU and the Lyrik Kabinett have worked together very intensively for over 30 years. The more than 70,000 works subsumed under the Lyrik Kabinett Foundation are available via OPAC to everyone related to LMU. Numerous events provide a fascinating insight into the current poetic landscape.

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