04 May

Mirror Dramaturgy in Middleton and Rowley's 'The Changeling'

Opening hours / Beginning:

4:15 pm - 5:45 pm

4 May 2022


Main building, E216 Geschwister-Scholl Platz 1 80539 München

Gordon McMullan's lecture "Mirror Dramaturgy in Middleton and Rowley's 'The Changeling': Theatre, Genre and Collaboration" has been organized by the Anglistics subproject (Games of Mirrors: Theater and 'Politique' in Early Modern England) under the aegis of “Cultures of Vigilance” at the Collaborative Research Center.

Alongside the mirror dramaturgy used in the 1622 play, McMullan’s lecture focuses on a contemporary adaptation by the Cheek by Jowl theater ensemble (2006), which transposes aspects of the plot into a psychiatric clinic.

Gordon McMullan is Professor of English and Director of the London Shakespeare Centre at King's College London.

This event will bei held in English. For further information visit the CRC Cultures of Vigilances.

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