10 Oct
11 Oct

New pathways of conflict research

Opening hours / Beginning:

10 October 2022 - 11 October 2022


Center for Advanced Studies New Pathways of Conflict Research 80802 München

Workshop led by Prof. Dr. Paul Thurner (LMU)

The world is currently experiencing multiple, simultaneous turning points. Intrastate and interstate conflicts are becoming increasingly interwoven. Conflict actors are mobilizing new geopolitical alliances and investing into military technologies in unprecedented ways. Climate change-induced disasters, resource scarcity, and supply chain interruptions endanger whole economies and societies, and the respective status of countries in the global geo-political and geo-economic hierarchy is challenged. Trade conflict slips into real war. In view of the risks arising from these new complexities, we have to adapt our theoretical perspectives on conflict in a fundamental way. Interdependencies require a holistic systemic and network approach. In order to capture these dynamic processes, we have to rely on new and big data, artificial intelligence and statistical methods.

Participants include:

  • Karsten Donnay (Universität Zürich)
  • Kristian Gleditsch (Essex)
  • Arzu Kibris (Warwick)
  • Andrew Owsiak (University of Georgia)
  • Dominic Rohner (Lausanne)

For the participation a registration is required. You can find more information on the website of the event.

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