07 Oct

On restitution of cultural treasures – perspectives on an ongoing debate

Opening hours / Beginning:

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

7 October 2021

In recent years, various branches of the media have raised the issue of the restitution of cultural treasures from foreign lands that were acquired by Western museums under often legally dubious circumstances – by means of blackmail, robbery or forced sale, for instance. The debates have sometimes been highly emotional and have been followed with great interest by large sections of the public – not surprisingly, given that they involve institutions ranging from art galleries and museums to anthropological collections that include human remains. In this context, the question of the provenance of museum holdings is crucial, and the institutions themselves have taken new initiatives in the quest for answers. This podium discussion does not set out to recapitulate the debate so far. Instead, the panelists will consider perspectives that suggest ways in which the diverse problems associated with these cultural treasures can be solved in a responsible manner, and in close cooperation with the nations concerned.


  • Hermann Parzinger (Berlin)
  • Larissa Förster (Berlin)
  • Andreas Eckert (Berlin)
  • Elisio Macamo (Basel)


  • Roland Wenzlhuemer (München)

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