26 Mar

Poetry in Motion

Opening hours / Beginning:

8:00 pm

26 March 2024


Lyrik Kabinett Amalienstraße 83a (Rückgebäude) 80799 München

15 years of Poetry in Motion: Barbies waiting at the entrance to the Lyrik Kabinett lounge | © Dieter Lukas - Panobilder.de

A focal point for aficionados of the spoken word for 15 years: the Lyrik Kabinett stage – transformed for Poetry in Motion into a lounge landscape bathed in shimmering hues. Once a month, Ko Bylanzky, initiator and organizer of this event series, hosts a unique evening at which three guests – one “local” and two from outside Munich or even Germany – regularly mesmerize the audience. Each evening is combined with the Isar Slam. Here at the Lyrik Kabinett, the slam artists have half an hour each to showcase their versatile verbal virtuosity. Countless German-speaking and international heavyweights of the poetry scene have stopped by over the years: Pauline Füg, Kae Tempest, Bas Böttcher and Alex Burkhard, to name but a few. All presentations are accompanied by the sparkling inventiveness of poetry DJs HC or Simian Keiser.

With Clara Nielsen (Regensburg),
Marina Sigl (Stuttgart) and
Simeon Buss (Bremen).

Moderation: Ko Bylanzky

Manning the turntables: Simian Keiser

Tickets: 9 euros / 6 euros (discounted rate). Tickets are free for Lyrik Kabinett members. For more information, please visit the Lyrik Kabinett website. The event will be held in German.

LMU and the Lyrik Kabinett have worked together very intensively for over 30 years. The more than 70,000 works subsumed under the Lyrik Kabinett Foundation are available via OPAC to everyone related to LMU. Numerous events provide a fascinating insight into the current poetic landscape.

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