11 Feb

Political participation, membership and migration

Opening hours / Beginning:

7:30 pm

11 February 2021

Migration is a phenomen that is common to all human societies. However, it confronts receiving States and societies with a numberof ethical dilemmas.

Should individuals be denied access to other societies? What can receiving societies expect from, or demand of migrants? What rights do/should migrants have relative to those enjoyed by the rest of the population?

The philosopher Prof. Dr. Anna Goppel has studied the ethical problems posed by migration for many years. In this online event, the Competence Center on Ethics at LMU invites you to discuss these issues with her. Via Zoom you can actively contribute, or simply listen in to this conversation on political participation and integration of migrants.

Following an introductory interview with Professor Goppel, online participants will have the opportunity to discuss the topic with her. The event is open to everyone who is interested in the theme.

See the following website Münich Competence Center for Ethics

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