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Rethinking War, the Military, and Gender Through the Russian War on Ukraine

Opening hours / Beginning:

20 October 2022 - 19 December 2022



Rethinking War, the Military, and Gender Through the Russian War on Ukraine

About the course:

This series is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Paula-Irene Villa Braslavsky (LMU Munich) and Prof. Dr. Andrea Petö, (CEU Vienna).

The aim of the series is to give visibility and some space for threatened gender studies scholars who are working on the topic of war and violence. The starting point is to critically revisit the existing literature on war, violence, and gender based on the experience of the war of Russia against Ukraine.

Topics discussed include sexual violence during wartime, media images of women at war, women in the army and shifts in the everyday life, national/transnational feminism and the role of gender studies in fostering solidarity, the role of the museum and herstory of war in promoting and upholding women’s rights, homonationalism and LGBTQ activism during the war.

Learning aims:

To provide general understanding about:

  • Feminism and feminist research in Ukraine
  • State of the art in researching militarism, and war from a gender perspective
  • Challenges of war and genocide studies

Upon the successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  • understand some of the major changes in the way war and genocides have been mediated, narrated, and studied in past decades, developing a critical grasp of how wars and genocides are also gendered experiences
  • demonstrate an understanding of how feminist critique contributes to war/genocide studies
  • understand, through selected instances, how racism, economic exploitation, cultural or religious prejudice, gender, and genocide have been enacted in colonial contexts
  • understand that implementing change depends upon engaging with histories of autocracy, racism, illiberalism, and attempts to undermine democracy

This event will be held online in English, Russian and Ukrainian. A registration is required. For more information, please visit the chair's or the event's website.

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