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Special exhibition: Old University, New Structure

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22 April 2024 - 12 July 2024


Ausleihhalle der Universitätsbibliothek Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1 80539 München

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1974-2024 – The Bavarian Higher Education Act turns 50

The Regional Parliament of the Free State of Bavaria passed the first Bavarian Higher Education Act on 21 December 1973. The act came into force 50 years ago, on 1 October 1974. The act covered the dual legal status of universities as corporations and public institutions, the development of higher education in line with defined plans, the transition from a rectorate to a presidential constitution, the restructuring of faculties into departments, the overhaul of the study and examination system, issues of regulatory law and, lastly, the involvement of students.

For all universities in the Free State, the Bavarian Higher Education Act led to profound changes whose consequences are felt to the present day. This special exhibition approaches the topic in eleven vignettes. Examples include the 1974 act itself, the higher education law that prevailed at LMU Munich prior to 1974 and student protests against the Bavarian Higher Education Act.

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