17 May

The future of art history: "Art History as a Symbolic Form"

Opening hours / Beginning:

7:00 pm

17 May 2021

The lecture series #zukunftderkunstgeschichte will explore new perspectives for a modernizized, contemporary approach to the Humanities, which draws upon ideas from social, political, technological and interdisciplinary contexts, without sidelining traditional methodologies.

The lectures will be given by specialists from LMU's School of Arts and external experts and scholars, and are open to all those interested.

Digital methodologies that make it possible to analyze and store the information contained in non-linguistic symbols now provide art historians with powerful new 'machinery' with which to interrogate the works that they study. As so often before, attempts to describe new and unfamiliar phenomena must resort to metaphors. In recent years, the metaphor of the 'knowledge graph' has increasingly been invoked to capture a central concept in these new forms of knowledge creation.

Although diverse procedures for the digital linkage and integration of art-historical knowledge are already available, questions relating to the protagonists and institutions involved have only recently begun to be systematically posed. Will the application of these new methods lead to emergence of new institutions and responsibilities, or will the newly structured knowledge be managed in existing museums, archives and libraries?


Dr. Matteo Burioni (Institute of Art History, LMU)
Prof. Dr. Stephan Hoppe (Institute of Art History, LMU) specializes in the history of Bavarian Art


Prof. Dr. Bernhard Maaz is Director-General of the Bavarian State Collections of Paintings.
Prof. Dr. Harald Sack heads the Section for Information Service Engineering at the FIZ – Leibniz Institute of Informatics Infrastructure in Karlsruhe and holds professorships at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Descriptive Procedures (AIFB) in Karlsruhe.
Maximilian Westphal is a media designer and art historian, who is responsible for digital communication in the Bavarian State Collections of Paintings.
Prof. Dr. Hendrik Ziegler is a specialist in the history of French and Northern European Art and teaches in the Institute of Art History at Marburg University.

To attend this lecture series, please register once in advance. Following registration, you will receive a confirmatory e-mail with details on how to access the meeting. All events will be conducted in German, recorded and subsequently made available on LMUcast.

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