14 Jun

The future of art history: "Global Art History"

Opening hours / Beginning:

7:00 pm

14 June 2021

The lecture series #zukunftderkunstgeschichte will explore new perspectives for a modernizized, contemporary approach to the Humanities, which draws upon ideas from social, political, technological and interdisciplinary contexts, without sidelining traditional methodologies.

The lectures will be given by specialists from LMU's School of Arts and external experts and scholars, and are open to all those interested.

The “Transformation of the World in the 19th Century” (the title of Jürgen Osterhammel ‘s book, first published in 2009) was accompanied by a radical change in perspectives on objects and images fashioned by artists, and on artistic ideas. Since then, interest in artistic creativity and the crafting of art beyond the confines of the Western canon has continued to grow. The participants in this evening’s event will discuss transcultural and (post-)colonial developments and the impact of forced migrations on non-Western art ­– in the context of the question of whether a truly global approach to the history of art is at all possible.


Prof. Dr. Burcu Dogramaci is an art historian at LMU’s Institute of Art History, whose research focuses on 20th-century art and contemporary art.
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Pfisterer holds the Chair of Art History with a Focus on Italian Art at LMU’s Institute of Art History.


Prof. Dr. Beate Fricke is Professor of Medieval Art at the University of Berne.
Prof. Dr. Monica Juneja is Professor of Global Art History in the Cluster of Excellence on "Asia and Europe" at the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies.
Prof. Dr. Peter Krieger is a Research Professor at the Institute for Research in Aesthetics Forschungen and Professor of Graduate Studies in Architecture and Art History at the National University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City.
Andrea Lissoni is Artistic Director of Munich's Haus der Kunst.

To attend this lecture series, please register once in advance. Following registration, you will receive a confirmatory e-mail with details on how to access the meeting. All events will be conducted in German, recorded and subsequently made available on LMUcast.

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