12 Jul

The future of art history: "What is the Point of (Art) Museums?"

Opening hours / Beginning:

7:00 pm

12 July 2021

The lecture series #zukunftderkunstgeschichte will explore new perspectives for a modernizized, contemporary approach to the Humanities, which draws upon ideas from social, political, technological and interdisciplinary contexts, without sidelining traditional methodologies.
The lectures will be given by specialists from LMU's School of Arts and external experts and scholars, and are open to all those interested.

This last, and perhaps most forward-looking, session is devoted to alternative models for (art) museums. The topic at issue is the future of museums, and the question of what tasks the museums of the future should address.

Owing to the twin impacts of globalization and digitalization, museums were already targets of criticism before the Covid-19 crisis. After over a year of forced closure following the onset of the pandemic, questions such as what museums are for, what social relevance they have, and how their purpose should be defined have beome even more urgent. How well are museums as institutions positioned to face the challenges of the 21st century? What are their prospects of long-term survival?


Franz Hefele (Institute of Art History, LMU)
Dr. Léa Kuhn (Institute of Art History, LMU)
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Pfisterer holds the Chair of General Art History with a Focus on Italian Art at LMU's Institut of Art History


Prof. Tulga Beyerle is Director of the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Hamburg.
Dr. Mirjam Brusius is an academic researcher in the Department of Colonial and World History at the German Historical Institute in London.
Dr. Christian Demand is Editor-in-Chief of the art magazine Merkur.
Dr. María López-Fanjul y Díez del Corral is Curator for Outreach and Audience Development Strategies at the Bode Museum and Gemäldegalerie in Berlin.

To attend this lecture series, please register once in advance. Following registration, you will receive a confirmatory e-mail with details on how to access the meeting. All events will be conducted in German, recorded and subsequently made available on LMUcast.

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