27 Nov

The implications of visual primacy for climate messages

Opening hours / Beginning:

11:30 am

27 November 2023


Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) Seestraße 13 80802 München

Salinas – seasonal sequence, 2018 (CAS Climate Futures) | © Georg Küttinger

Speaker: Prof. Betsi Grabe, Ph.D.
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Mario Haim (LMU)

Neuro and cognitive scientists have built the case for visual primacy over other forms of communication and meaning making by documenting

  • 1. specialized centers in the human brain dedicated to visual processing
  • 2. the speed with which visuals are processed,
  • 3. the efficiency with which visual stimuli are classified and stored in memory, and
  • 4. the way the visual system engages both emotional and „thinking” centers in the brain.

This talk will present a review of the power of visuals on the one hand and the difficulties of effectively employing them in climate messages.

Betsi Grabe is a professor at Indiana University Bloomington's Media School and currently a Visiting Fellow at LMU's Institute for Communication Studies and Media Research.

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