30 Nov

Tuesday Discussion with Dorothea Seror

Opening hours / Beginning:

4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

30 November 2021


Leopoldstraße 13 80802 München

This week, multidisciplinary artist Dorothea Seror will give us insights into her work. Instead of relying on resources such as wood or minerals, Dorothea Seror makes us of trash to create her artworks. She does not only recycle existing objects that would have otherwise ended up in the bin but also reuses her own artworks. As a result, her work is in a constant process of renewal and change. Dorothea Seror's art contains all the information, circumstances, and memories of other works and people and represents a continuity as well as a respectful approach to the environment. Dorothea also directs dance productions with disabled persons, teaches art, and conducts research on rituals and spiritual practices from different cultures that contribute to the health of humankind and nonhuman nature.

For further information, see the website of the Rachel Carson Center.

The Tuesday Discussions bring environmental practitioners such as politicians, leaders in NGOs, and activists to the RCC to discuss topical environmental issues. The guests also offer insights into the application of different environmental qualifications and knowledge in practice. The Tuesday Discussion is open primarily to RCC fellows, members of the Doctoral Program Environment and Society (Proenviron), and students of the Environmental Studies Certificate Program (ESCP).

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