12 Jul

Victim or Perpetrator? The Role of Human Beings in Climate Change in the Latin American Context

Opening hours / Beginning:

4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

12 July 2023


Philologicum, conference room or online Ludwigstr. 25 80539 München

Extensive fires and the drying up of rivers are examples of the consequences caused by the accumulation of harmful daily practices. Poisoning from dirty sewage, the death of animals due to plastic waste on beaches and air pollution from chemical emissions are just some of the phenomena which are inevitable side effects of the current social model and our life style. The negative effects impact people, animals, and the environment (soil, water and atmosphere) in general and imply a significant change in climatic circumstances as well as in the present and future biological conditions of life. Anthropogenic climate change thus represents an existential crisis for humanity.

The population groups that suffer most from climatic changes are those directly linked to and dependent on natural areas such as coastal and rural communities. Populations living in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas are particularly affected although they often contribute the least to climate-damaging practices. The discourse of the crisis within climate research, however, contrasts with the indifference of a large part of world society, as well as with the insufficient measures to counteract climate change. From an interdisciplinary perspective and focusing on Latin America, the objective of this symposium is to reflect on the role that different actors occupy in climate change.

The event aims to explore the particularities of human practices related to climate change and its consequences, as well as the existing interpretations and social reactions with regard to Latin America.

The event is organized by the LMU - Chair of Criminal Law and Criminology and the Institute of Romance Philology.

The event will be held in Spanish and Portuguese. A registration is required. You can find more information on the website of the LMU Latin America Network.

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