30 Jun

What is AI in Education and How can it be Harnessed in Service of Front-line Education?

Opening hours / Beginning:

6:00 pm

30 June 2022



What is AI in Education and How can it be Harnessed in Service of Front-line Education?

Guest lecture with Professor Kaśka Porayska-Pomsta (University College London, UCL Institute of Education) as part of the lecture series International Munich Lectures in Teacher Education Research

The recent pandemic has caused a substantial shift in the public mindset regarding the potential and the feasibility of technology use in supporting educational practices globally and across different educational levels. Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED) has been in existence as a field of research for over 40 years. Despite this, it is only recently that the AI technologies have become a tangible proposition for the front line of education. However, although there is now increased readiness of learners, educational practitioners, school administrators and other stakeholders, such as policy makers, to embrace the new learning support tools offered by the AIED field, the understanding of what AI is, and how it may help or hinder best learning and teaching practices, remains confined to the specialist circles of academic experts. In this talk, I will define Artificial Intelligence and explain how it is conceived of as a tool for supporting learning and teaching. I will discuss the aspirations for the field along with ethical considerations which necessitate reflections and appropriate action if we are to advance our vision of education as a socially beneficent service and a basic human right with the help of AI technologies.

The event will take place online via Zoom and will be held in English. Prior registration is not required. The access link and further information on the lecture series can be found on the website of QLB research network.

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