25 May

What Literary Papyri in Arabic Tell Us About Early Islamic Writings and Scholarship

Opening hours / Beginning:

6:15 pm

25 May 2021

Many of the ideas and concepts that we now regard as elements of the intellectual heritage of Islamic history developed in the period between the 7th and 10th centuries CE. However, a closer look at original, but often neglected sources from that time - more specifically, literary works written in Arabic on papyrus - show us when and in what form texts and viewpoints that would later be repeatedly cited and commented upon were first documented. They also reveal much about the intellectual milieu in which these ideas emerged.

Lecture given by Dr. Ursula Bsees (Institute of Near and Middle Eastern Studies, LMU Munich)

The lecture series on "Cultures of Islam 2021: Cultural Heritage" is organized by the Munich Center for the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Central Asia at LMU) in collaboration with the Society of Friends of Islamic Art and Culture (Gesellschaft der Freunde der Isamischen Kunst und Kultur e.V.) and the German-Turkish Association in Bavaria (Deutsch-Türkischen Gesellschaft Bayern e.V.).

The lectures will be presented in German via Zoom and prior registration is not required. They will also be recorded and made available on the Website of the Institute of Near and Middle Eastern Studies within about 2 weeks after the date of each live lecture.

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