18 Feb

White Rose Memorial Lecture: Why the Church cannot ignore abuses of human dignity

Opening hours / Beginning:

12:00 pm

18 February 2021



"Incompatible with Christian beliefs - Why the Church cannot ignore abuses of human dignity"

In 1943, the members of the inner circle of the White Rose were condemned to death and executed. The Annual White Rose Memorial Lecture honors the courageous example set by the resistance group.

"Therefore, each of us must in these final hours consciously acknowledge the responsibility, as members of Europe's Christian culture, to do everything possible to oppose this scourge of humanity, to oppose fascism and all related systems based on an absolutist conception of the State." (Quotation from the first protest leaflet written and printed by the White Rose)

This year's White Rose Lecture will be given by Pastor Udo Hahn, Director of the Protestant Academy in Tutzing.

The lecture will be available online as a video recording on the LMU YouTube channel on 18 February.

Further information about the White Rose and the memorial lecture can be found on the website of the DenkStätte Weiße Rose Site.

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