"An academic career is a good decision for anyone who is curious"

9 Feb 2024

Microbiologist Bärbel Stecher talks about her research and scientific careers on Women and Girls in Science Day.


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"The interest in life itself and its diversity, the desire to better understand the function of these organisms, motivated me to study biology," says microbiologist Bärbel Stecher on Women and Girls in Science Day.

The Professor of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the Max von Pettenkofer Institute at LMU researches the microbiome of the gut. She investigates its role in human health and how it protects against infections. In the video, Bärbel Stecher explains how she supports the scientific careers of her staff.

Professor Bärbel Stecher on her passion for and career in science (with English subtitles)

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