Climate Change: IPCC Report

9 Aug 2021

The 6th Report of the IPCC on the scientific basis of climate change

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has released its latest report on the physical-science basis of climate change, which was prepared by its Working Group I. The document describes the current state and future development of the world‘s climate, outlines the risks to humanity and the natural world, and assesses the magnitude of reduction in emissions that will be required in the coming decades in order to meet the targets set in the Paris Agreement. LMU geographer Julia Pongratz contributed to Chapter 5 of the report, which deals with the global carbon cycle, and other relevant biogeochemical cycles and feedbacks. “The IPCC’s latest Assessment Report provides the latest figures and insights on the most urgent issues related to the trajectory of climate change in the coming decades and the Earth system’s response to anthropogenic emissions and CO2 removal,” says Pongratz.

Link to the Report summary of Working Group I of the IPCC

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